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Barnett Newman

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Dionysius, 1949

horizon light 1949

Yellow Painting, 1949

Adam 1951-2

Achilles, 1952

uriel 1955

First Station, 1958

Canto III 1963-4

Twelfth Station, 1965

Who's afraid of red, yellow and blue 1966

Voice of Fire 1967

Jericho 1968~69


“The problem of a painting is physical and metaphysical, the same as I think life is physical and metaphysical.”

미국 New York City에서 태어난 Barnett Newman (1905 ~ 1970)은 Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Adolph Gottlieb, Clyfford Still과 더불어 abstract expressionism을 대표하는 화가이며  life, man, nature, death, tragedy 등의 문제에 관심을 가진 color field painter입니다.

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Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

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Washington, D.C.의 National Mall 인근에 위치한 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden은 건축가 Gordon Bunshaft에 의해 설계된 art museum으로 Smithsonian Institution의 일부를 차지합니다. 내부에는 Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Hans Hofmann, Francis Bacon, Willem de Kooning, Ellsworth Kelly 등의 작품들이 전시되어있고, 외부는 sculpture garden으로 Auguste Rodin, Jeff Koons, Alexander Calder의 작품들이 있습니다

David Levine

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Jackson Pollock

John Keats

Samuel Beckett

D.H. Lawrence & T.S. Eliot


The Pink and Decorated Robe


<New York Review of Books>에 실린 caricature로 유명한 일러스트레이터 David Levine (1926 – 2009)

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