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Joan Miro

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Maternity 1924

Painting 1927

Painting (The white glove), 1925

The Birth of the World 1925

The Circus House 1927

Three gifts 1935

Portrait II 1938

A Star Caresses the Breasts of a Negro Woman 1938

Blue II, 1961

The Flight of the dragonfly in Front of the Sun 1968

The Gold of the Azure 1967

Hair Pursued by 2 Planets 1968

Acrobats in the Night Garden 1948

Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun 1949

The Escape Ladder 1940

The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers 1941

Figures in Front of a Metamorphosis 1936

The Two Philosophers, 1936

Painting 1950

스페인 Barcelona 태생(Catalan)의 Joan Miro(1893 ~ 1983)는 Surrealism을 표방하는 painter, sculptor로 bourgeois를 지지했던 기존의 전통적인 그림들을 비난하면서( “assassination of painting”),  동심이 깃든, 잠재의식을 이끌어 낸, 선별하기 힘든 훌룡한 많은 그림과 조각품을 남깁니다.

{via arthistory, fundaciomiro-bcn, moma, wikipaintings, abcgallery}

Written by adbrio

November 14, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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