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Christ on the Cross, 1631

old man in prayer

St. Joseph's Dream, 1645

Scholar Reading, 1631

a man in a room, 1630

The Stone Bridge, c.1640

view of amstel river in amsterdam, 1641

sketch of a tree, 1638

네덜란드 태생의 화가, Rembrandt (1606 ~ 1669), 사족이 필요없는…

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The Conversion of Saul, 1542-45



Pieta Rondanini (unfinished)

Italy 태생의 Michelangelo(1475 ~1564)…그저 아름답기만한…

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March 16, 2012 at 3:58 pm


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Assumption of the Virgin 1518

Madonna in Glory with the Christ Child and Sts Francis and Alvise with the Donor 1520

Madonna with Saints and Members of the Pesaro Family 1526

Philip II Offering Don Fernando to Victory 1575

The Annunciation 1564

The Trinity in Glory c1554

The Tribute Money 1516

Virgin and Child c1545

Annunciation c1535

The Miracle of the Newborn Child 1511

Polyptych of the Resurrection 1522

Orpheus and Eurydice c1508

Cupid with the Wheel of Fortune. c.1520

Crucifixion 1558

Mater Dolorosa. c.1555

Titian로 알려진 Italia 태생의 Tiziano Vecellio(c. 1488 ~ 1576)

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Rene Magritte

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The Thought Which Sees 1965

The Face of Genius, 1926-27

The Future of Statues, 1937

Belgium 태생의 초현실주의 화가 René Magritte (1898 ~ 1967)은 John Baldessari, Andy Warhol 등 pop, minimalist, conceptual art 분야에 지대한 영향을 미칩니다.


“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.”

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Wendy MacNaughton

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Put Your Pants Back On. 2009

Commuters, 2009


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Gustav Klimt

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Orchard 1896

Farmhouses with Birch Trees1900

After the Rain1899

The Tall Poplar Trees II, 1900

Mother with Children 1909-1910

The Bride (unfinished) 1917-1918

Hope II, 1907-1908

Mada Primavesi, 1912

Austria Vienna 태생의 Gustav Klimt (1862 ~ 1918)는 Symbolist painter이자 Vienna Secession(school of painting)을 설립한, 다양한 방면에서 수많은 작품을 남겨놓은 art nouveau 주창자입니다.

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Joan Miro

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Maternity 1924

Painting 1927

Painting (The white glove), 1925

The Birth of the World 1925

The Circus House 1927

Three gifts 1935

Portrait II 1938

A Star Caresses the Breasts of a Negro Woman 1938

Blue II, 1961

The Flight of the dragonfly in Front of the Sun 1968

The Gold of the Azure 1967

Hair Pursued by 2 Planets 1968

Acrobats in the Night Garden 1948

Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun 1949

The Escape Ladder 1940

The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers 1941

Figures in Front of a Metamorphosis 1936

The Two Philosophers, 1936

Painting 1950

스페인 Barcelona 태생(Catalan)의 Joan Miro(1893 ~ 1983)는 Surrealism을 표방하는 painter, sculptor로 bourgeois를 지지했던 기존의 전통적인 그림들을 비난하면서( “assassination of painting”),  동심이 깃든, 잠재의식을 이끌어 낸, 선별하기 힘든 훌룡한 많은 그림과 조각품을 남깁니다.

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