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Nothing but the truth

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nothing but the truth

Erica Van Doren(Vera Farmiga)

Rachel Armstrong(Kate Beckinsale)

Patton Dubois(Matt Dillon)

Alan Burnside(Alan Alda)

이스라엘 태생의 미국인 감독 Rod Lurie(1962 ~ )의 <nothing but the truth>…국가 권력에 의해 감추어진 진실을 캐내는, 진정한 저널리스트의 소명의식이 돋보이는, 남의 나라 얘기가 아닌, 그래서 가슴에 더 와닿는 작품.


Alan Burnside: [In front of the Supreme Court]

“As the years pass, power of Government becomes more and more pervasive.,…, and the people are the victims. We as a nation will no longer be able to hold those in power accountable to those whom they have power over-and what then is the nature of Government when it has no fear of accountability? Imprisoning journalists-that’s for other countries, that’s for countries who fear their citizens, not countries that cherish and protect them.”

{via imdb, rottentomatoes, nothingbutthetruthfilm}

Written by adbrio

May 13, 2010 at 11:39 am

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